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Southern Yachting

Montgomery's hotel in 1849 was the scene of the organization of a boating club, from which grew the Southern Yacht Club of New Orleans, described as the second oldest group of its kind in the United States.  A facsimile of the handwritten first minutes of the club hangs in the Pass Christian Yacht Club entrance hall.   It reads:

Pass Christian, July 21, 1849.
     A meeting of gentlemen interested in boating on the lakeshore called at the Montgomery Hotel, Pass Christian, for the purpose of organizing a boat club.

     Present were James W. Behan, Thos. Kershaw, I.O. Nixon, Mortimer Turner, E. Jones McCall, J. B. Walton, L.S. Levy, M. Farrell, H. Fassman, A.B. Cammock, H.E. Lawrence, J.B. Rathbone, John Huddlestone, S.F. Herman, B.F. Timms, John S. Robinson, R.H. Montgomery, H. Rareshide (president of the Stingaree Club), and T.S. Dabney.

The names of the following gentlemen were added to the list of members by the parties whose names are attached:

  Jack Campbell of East Pascagoula      by S.F. Herman
  Thos. Byrne of Biloxi                             by I.O. Nixon
  Jas. Robb of Pass Christian               by I.O. Nixon
  Jno. M. Bell of Pass Christian            by J.W. Behan
  Jno. Egerton of Pass Christian           by Thos. Kershaw
  Jno. O. Woodruff of Pass Christian    by H. E. Lawrance
  P.B. McCutchon of Pass Christian     by H. E. Lawrance
  W.S. Balfour of Mississippi City         by S.F. Herman

     Mr. James W. Behan of P.C. was duly elected president.  
Mr. Thos. P. Kershaw, Mr. W.S. Balfour of Mississippi City, Mr. Thos. Byrne of Biloxi, Mr. Jas. Campbell of East Pascagoula, Mr. Geo. Urquhart of Bay St. Louis,
were elected vice-presidents.
     O. Nixon of Pass Chrstian was duly elected secretary.
     On motion of J.B. Walton the club adopted the name of “Southern Yacht Club.”
     On motion of the president a committee of seven was appointed by the President to enact laws, rules, regulations, etc., for the governance of the club.
     The secretary was instructed to notify all those whose names had been placed on the list of members, requesting them to advise at an early day, whether it was agreeable to them.
     On motion they adjourned to meet on Monday 23rd at 11 a.m.

James W. Behan, Pres.
I.O. Nixon, Sec’ty.
 In 1990 the P.C.Y.C. celebrated the 141st anniversary of the first regatta held at Pass Christian in 1849 and staged 3 capdevielle events
   44th Junior Lipton Regatta August
   53rd Knost Regatta August
   71st Lipton Regatta September

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