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Yachting Fun

In 1990 the PCYC celebrated the 141st anniversary of the first Pass Christian Regatta -- and held 3 capdevielle events -- Also celebrated that year were:
44th Jr Lipton Regatta in August,
53rd Knost Regatta in August,
71st Lipton regatta in September.

Fun Functions
Commodore Balls, Easter Dances, Easter Egg Hunts, Style Shows, Heart Fund Raisers, New Years Dances, Debutante Balls, Boat Dress Parades, Boat Safety Courses, Ship Wreck Parties, Disaster and Hurricane Fund Parties, Artist Exhibits, Hawaiian Luaus, Jazz Brunches, and more . . .

Boat Launching Area

Back Gallery and Children's play area.

Back Pier Watching

The Winds that born the Sails


Side Gallery Dining and Bar

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